Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer


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I am a Brand Identity Developer

A graphic designer lent to web design

As brand identity developer, I take care of all the visual aspects of a company or organization’s brand or identity. I design the visual element that represents how you want to be seen by your customers. Thus, I craft your visual identity. Your brand identity can be expressed in terms of design through a unique logo or signage and is then often integrated throughout all the elements of a company’s materials such as website, portfolio, business cards, stationery, packaging, media advertising, promotions, and more.

To provide you with a tailor-made service, I often cooperate with creative directors, art directors, copywriters, account managers, or directly you, however you want. Do you want to secure my unique blend of technical skills (advanced by my formal education and nerd attitude) and stylish touch (built by my extensive working experience in the fashion industry)? Then pick up your smartphone and drop me a message on Whatsapp. I’ll be back to you straight away.

But also...

I’m an edgy, short-haired Italian designer based in Monaco but planning to live all over the world.

I’ve come this far through architecture, music concerts, medical design, rock bands, luxury bags design and a lot more. I grew up in Treviso, a small but beautiful city in the northwest of Italy (you might have heard about it, it’s the land of Prosecco) with a lot of friends, dogs and an electric guitar that brought me and my rockband to several countryside festivals where we were paid with food and beers.

I love learning, I’m curious, and I need to know everything possible (really, ask my partner, I’m really annoying). This curiosity and the need to express my creativity brought me to study Architecture in Venice, where I found a lot of crazy unique creatives like me. But I found my true love when I started the master in Product Design, the subjects, the professors, the students, I loved everything! Then I went to Milan to study this master in Accessories Design, where I fell even more in love with the creative process and the people I met from all over the world.

I lived in Milan for 5 years, working for Trussardi as Leathergoods Designer. Here too, I met some beautiful people who had the patience to teach me how everything worked in the fashion world. After some years, I felt I was not learning anymore, and I also felt the urge to do more to develop my skills as an all-round designer, so I moved to Melbourne. But not before a 2 months trip to South East Asia, where I felt like a child seeing the world for the first time. In Australia, I finally discovered my love for Graphic Design (and Wombats), thanks to Cristina Re, one of the most famous Australian luxury teaware brands.

When I went back to Europe, I developed even more my graphic skills working for MC2 Saint Barth, a swimwear brand, designing graphics and patterns, but I realized that wasn’t my cup of tea. I needed space to express myself and to develop my skills and creativity in other ways, so I moved to Berlin to start my own business as brand identity developer. Now I am collaborating with clients and agencies from all over Europe, seeking to conquer also the overseas world.

Fun Facts

    • I was struck by lightning. Yes. You read it right, and I was going to the university to do an exam so I called the Professor to say “I’m sorry, I can’t come today… I was struck by lightning”. Yes, I actually was able to graduate even after saying something that seemed definitely like a joke.

    • I dyed my hair with the full spectrum of colours of the rainbow, then I got allergic to hair dye, the joke’s on me.

    • I hate the whipped cream. That texture is like hell to me, but no worries, I compensate for this lack by eating as much chocolate as I can.

    • I tried to go snowboarding in New Zealand but the ski facilities were blocked by a blizzard.