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Cristina Re Design


This was (and still is) one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on.
As you may have seen from the homepage or the “about” page, I am not a classy person with lovely long hair and always elegant attire. I am more of a Star Wars sweater, tennis shoes and back-combed hair type of person.
But this didn’t stop Cristina from wanting to collaborate, quite the contrary! I can say that since our collaboration, the brand has taken a step toward a stronger, more assertive style while maintaining the delicacy and femininity that sets it apart.
When two different souls work together, tuning into the same wave, it’s amazing what they can do!
graphic design and content creation

More than just Graphic Design

Patterns, shapes, gifs, photo settings and e-mail layouts, we’ve redesigned everything together, keeping in mind our new goal: to make a step further in the evolution of the Cristina Re Design Brand.

graphic design and content creation