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CaDò Milano: the Artisanal Dog Bakery

Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer


CaDò Milano: the Artisanal Dog Bakery


CaDò offers a premium selection of ingredients, ensuring your cherished furry companion receives the highest quality care.

With CaDò, I had the privilege of cultivating a brand image for a startup project from its inception to its presentation. From crafting the logo to selecting the color palette and designing unique patterns, I aimed to revolutionize the perception of pet brands. Departing from conventional pastel hues, I infused CaDò with a bold Memphis Style aesthetic, setting it apart in the market and celebrating its Milanese roots.

Brand Identity

A fashion hint

Drawing from my background in the fashion industry, I further elevated CaDò’s brand identity by creating bespoke patterns for its range of accessories, including leashes, collars, and bracelets. These distinctive patterns not only add flair to the products but also reinforce CaDò’s commitment to style, quality, and individuality.

With CaDò, pet care transcends the ordinary, embodying a fusion of sophistication, innovation, and Milanese elegance.

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