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GSM Lamborghini GT3 team

Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer

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GSM Lamborghini GT3 team


GSM is a young and ambitious GT3 team that, over time, is making a name for itself in the racing world, between Lamborghini Super Trofeo and GT3 World Challenge.
A step toward further affirmation and more seriousness , was to recognize the need for a website, in order to be much more visible and always reachable by anyone revolving around the racing world, from fans to sponsors to drivers.

Racing is a reality of fast pace and very high organization. Elements that I wanted to convey in this site, through a simple and dry architecture, where one can easily find all the useful information. The color palette was taken from the car, the central element around which every page of the site revolves.

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Always up to date

The world of GT3 is fast-paced and ever-changing, with races, track tests, ever-changing sponsors and new drivers. And this website follows those rhythms, staying up-to-date with the latest links to see live, team driver descriptions and the latest issue of the magazine.

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What could be better than personalized merchandising to be recognizable outside the racing world?

Along with the website, I have proposed and curated a small collection (which will see additions of new designs and elements over the years) made up of simple, elegant garments in which the logo is not shouted out, but is simply embroidered or printed, sized appropriately to allow the garment to be worn in any situation.