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Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer

Industrial Design Stuff

Here are some of the projects that were my first steps into the creative world. Through architecture and industrial design, I learned discipline and technique (and how to survive for a whole week without sleeping and preparing for exams) to let my creativity flow and flourish.

| Levito

Levito rethinks the concept of the gate in a new and completely different way. It uses electromagnetic levitation for the movement of its modules along a hidden rail. The concept of external space changes completely, allowing the house to open outwards, compacting the blocks in a confined space. Moreover, Levito presents LEDs at the end of each module, also acting as external lighting.
Winner of the CAME Design Award, the prototype was exposed for the whole duration of the EXPO 2015.

| Pulse

Migraine is a very common disease, but therapies and monitoring are still inefficient and uncomfortable. Pulse is a portable system that combines monitoring of all the possible causes of migraine and TENS therapy. Monitoring occurs through the application of Pulse and the cuff. The therapy that is proposed is delayed TENS, whose purpose is to raise the threshold of pain resistance. The data collected during treatment and monitoring are then sent to the doctor.

| Nomade

Nomade stands at the foot of the Venice station, the link between EXPO Milano 2015 and AQUAE, the collateral event held in Venice. It exploits solar energy for the functioning of the electrical apparatus, recycled cardboard from the city of Venice to create interior furnishings and a steel structure that is easy and quick to assemble and remove at the end of the event. The attention to the use of recycled and recyclable materials is fundamental in the entire project, proposing itself both externally and internally to the Nomade structure.

| Marble

The original principle of the emergency house Marble is the will to give back the displaced people the integrity and dignity lost, using shapes, colours and finishes that give those who live there a feeling of solidity and trust. The external covering with marbled nuances is massive but at the same time graceful. Inside, the furniture is functional and refined, robust and slender, with colours that recall the feeling of the calmness of the less difficult seasons, spring and autumn.