chiara capoia

MC2 Saint Barth: graphics and patterns design

Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer

MC2 Saint Barth: graphics and patterns design

Born as a swimwear brand, it developed following its customers on vacation, both at the beach and to the mountains.

Beginning as a Graphic Designer for sweaters, I moved into the MC2 Saint Barth world, designing almost every kind of graphic needed, from sweaters to t-shirts to bags to swimwear. I used many techniques to develop different styles, from prints to embroideries to the design of complex patches. The themes are always actual, with a deeper look to the Milanese style and its cultural references.

In MC2 Saint Barth, I finally had the chance to put my “pop-culture” (I followed the Star Wars collection because I was the only one knowing who Yoda was. Yes, shocking!) at the service of design. I made researches and presentations for licensors like Coca-Cola, Disney, Nintendo, Algida, Riva. All the capsule collections were designed to meet the MC2 Saint Barth style and the licensors needs and directions.