chiara capoia

Novae Events Monaco

Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer


Novae Events Monaco


In my role as a creative designer and marketer, I had the privilege to lead the comprehensive overhaul of Novae Events Monaco‘s online presence and brand identity. Novae, a luxury event management company operating in the heart of Monaco, entrusted me with the responsibility to revamp its digital footprint and elevate its brand image.

The project began with the design and development of Novae Monaco’s website, a digital showcase of elegance and sophistication reflecting the company’s ethos. From conceptualization to execution, I meticulously crafted a user-centric website that seamlessly blends aesthetic appeal with intuitive navigation. Through strategic use of visuals, compelling copy, and user-friendly interfaces, the website serves as a captivating platform for showcasing Novae’s portfolio of luxury events and services.


Covering all the online presence

In addition to website design, I took on the responsibility of crafting engaging content for Novae Monaco’s social media platforms. Leveraging a deep understanding of the target audience and industry trends, I developed compelling narratives and visually stunning assets to captivate and enthrall followers across various social media channels. Whether it was crafting captivating captions, creating eye-catching graphics, or producing captivating videos, each piece of content was meticulously curated to reinforce Novae Monaco’s brand narrative and amplify its online presence.

Diving into the marketing campaigns

Furthermore, I spearheaded the creation of tailored marketing campaigns focused on Monaco’s affluent clientele. By blending creativity with strategic insights, I conceptualized and executed campaigns designed to resonate with the target audience and drive engagement. From exclusive events and bespoke experiences to curated content collaborations, each campaign was crafted to position Novae Monaco as the premier destination for luxury events in Monaco.

Through a harmonious fusion of innovative design, captivating content, and strategic marketing, I successfully redefined Novae Monaco’s digital presence, elevating its brand image and solidifying its position as a leader in luxury event management within the Monaco market.

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