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Lovin’ the Dark Side: a Star Wars life

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star wars packaging

Lovin’ the Dark Side: a Star Wars life

For all the Star Wars lovers out there..

For a balanced breakfast you need some chocolate chip cookies with a call to action to join the Imperial Army, a slice of a Darth Vader shaped chocolate cake with a lottery to win “a day with Boba Fett” (who will help you solving your problems with your enemies) and a teaspoon of the best Dagobah peach jam, all home made, from the oven to the packaging, all with best ingredients of the Dark Side.

After the most “Darth” of all the Breakfasts, you can jump on your superfast skateboard (as fast as the Falcon, I swear) and show your best tricks all around the galaxy.

I wanted to try and learn something new to illustrate my passion for Star wars, with Darth Vader and the Stormtroopers, so I made these illustrations with the polygon technique. It gives a cleaner and sharper look to the illustration that becomes stronger, you can feel the power of the Dark Side, don’t you think?

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