chiara capoia


Graphic designer, brand identity developer, wanderer



Random t-shirt prints I’ve done for me and for those ones who deserve a t-shirt to say something for them.

“It’s allergy. I swear.” I made this print for myself to wear on the first day of freedom after the COVID-19 lockdown that happened to be during spring, the sneezing season. And in a period when sneezing can bring you to death by strangers that beat you, better warn everyone with a t-shirt that says “Hey, don’t worry, it’s the flowers”.

Custom made for a person whose “problem” is everybody’s problem, but nobody is brave enough to say it loud: not getting food when hungry makes you inevitably mad/sad.

This is an ongoing project where I want to transform into prints, some of the photos I took during my trip to South East Asia. But not the classic landscape or city photos, I want only the “what’s that?!” photos.

This was for a special person who’s always serious and accurate at work, but on Friday, she transforms into a party girl, dancing the “Friday dance” and singing her happiness for the arrival of the weekend, her favourite part of the week.